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You've read screenwriting books before. But you still can't seem to write. You still can't seem to push through writer's block and procrastination and get your story out onto the page. That changes now. This book will change how you view writing forever. Break through  writer's block and procrastination. Find a better way to look at story. Discover the common mistakes you are making right now that can harm your writing for years to come.

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Section One: Reframing Your View of Writing

 Chapter One: What’s the Point of Writing?

Why do we write? Why do we tell stories? Why are stories an important part of the human experience? Learn the answers to these questions in this chapter.

Chapter Two: The Biggest Mistakes Screenwriters Make

The biggest mistakes writers make aren't on the page, but in their mindset and in their understanding of writing and what it means to be a writer.

Chapter Three: The Importance of Finishing

Finishing is much more important than even having a good understanding of story theory or screenwriting tactics. Learn why in this chapter. 

Section Two: A Better Way to Look at Story

Chapter Four: A Better Way to Look at Story

You've read all the screenwriting book and learned all the theory. Now it's time to get serious. Here I show you a more practical way to look at story.

Chapter Five: The Amateur Fear of Rules and Principles

 There's a common misconception many new writers carry around about "formulaic" stories. While I understand this frustration, their anger is in the wrong place. Here I explain the a better way to analyze stories that seem "formulaic."

Section Three: Developing Your New Writing Process

 Chapter Six: Reframing Your View of the Writing Process

 The writing process is one of the most overlooked, yet extremely important, parts of screenwriting. Here I show you how to develop your process for the long term.

Section Four: Common Script Mistakes

Chapter Seven: Common Script Mistakes

I show you some common script mistakes made by professional and amateur writers alike and show you how to solve them.

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Stop reading books on story theory. Beat writer's block and procrastination. Change your view on writing forever.

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