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"If you're someone that wants to be writing every single day and learn key fundamentals of storytelling, Tyler's course is a no brainer."



"So if you're serious about screenwriting, I highly suggest The Practical Screenwriting Course."



"Over the course of a month, I've gone from page 18 of my story to page 80, and I really have this course wildly to thank for that."



"The Course is really practical and focuses on building a writer's mindset and really gives you an idea how to think about stories."



"It teaches a process on how to sit down and apply the story theory concepts to the process of writing every single day."



"I can honestly say that my story has made more progress than it's made in about four years in just five weeks, which blew my mind."



"I loved this course because it challenged by understanding of what it is to be a writer."



"I really think Tyler's course has been the best thing in screenwriting that I've bought ever."


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